Mansards publishes fiction as well as non-fiction, original work in Latvian as well as translations, and debuts as well as already recognised authors. We started out in 2004 with the publication of complete works of Zigmunds Skujiņš (in ten volumes, 2005-2012) and since then have grown into one of the leading Latvian publishing houses.

We like giving new authors a voice, but  also think that the best of modern Latvian literature must remain easily accessible to every new generation of readers. Mansards has also developed close collaboration with the best of Latvian translators whose masterful work brings to the reader the best of the 20th and the 21st century world poetry and prose. Another branch of Mansards publications deals with modern Latvian history and its memory, and emphasizes the value of history research for understanding and coming to terms with the present. It is complemented by a series of works in social theory and their translations.